Activation of Prepaid Water Meters

The prepaid system work in a similar way as the electrical prepaid system. User interfaced units (UIU) are provided to all households where the system has been installed and units can be bought at the same pre-paid vendors that are used for electricity.

Personalised Activation
Field workers will visit each household to activate the water meter and to demonstrate how the system will work.

No need to rush to make a purchase. You can only make a purchase ONCE YOUR METER HAS BEEN ACTIVATED by the fieldworker. If our teams may have passed your property, contact the water department (see details below).

Free allocations
All indigent and pensioner households will receive 6kl free water, with other households receiving 3kl free per month as per council resolution. Unused free credits will not be carried over to the next month.

No daily charges
There will be no daily charges. The basic water tariff will be included in the monthly services accounts.

The User Interface Unit (UIU)
Refer to the reverse side (back) of the UIU. Punch in the symbols and numbers as indicated.

Where to find your meter number
Press #994# on your UIU, or check the white barcoded sticker on your water management device.

Can’t make a purchase?
Please contact Ontec at their George Office on +27 (0)44 8735474.

Where can I buy prepaid water?
At any of the current prepaid vendors available on our website at

Tamper free
The smart water meter must not be tampered with.  Not only is it illegal, but the meter will shut down if tampered with interrupting supply and residents will have to wait for the meter to be fixed before supply can be restored.

Benefits all round
The prepaid system has benefits for all parties involved. Users are now in control of their monthly usage and billing, and they are notified of any water leakages.  From the municipality’s perspective it decreases the number of disputed accounts, improves the managing of water resources and assist Council with long term planning.

Contact the Water Department:
Telephone: +27 (0)44 302 6331