Council & Agendas

The Knysna Town Council is the executive body of the municipality and is responsible for making top-level decisions about how Greater Knysna is governed. The Council is also the legislative body of the municipality and makes and implements municipal by-laws and policies. Council sets the municipal tariffs for rates and services in Greater Knysna, decides what the municipality’s budget is and how it will be spent. Council decisions are guided by the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

Council also elects the Executive Mayor, the Executive Deputy Mayor and the Speaker and appoints the Municipal Manager. The municipality’s Senior Management Team is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Knysna Council’s decisions.

Executive Mayor

The Executive Mayor, Councillor Levael Davis is the executive and political leader of the Knysna Municipality.

Office of the Speaker

The Speaker, Councillor Julie Lopes, is the convenor of Council meetings. This office also oversees the workings of Ward Committees and Public Participation.

Mayoral Committee

The Mayoral Committee is an extension of the office of the Executive Mayor and assists him in the execution of his powers.


The Knysna Municipal Council is the political sphere of service delivery and final decision-making entity.

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Office of the Speaker

Each municipal council must have a chairperson who will be called the speaker. He presides and maintain order during meetings of the council. The Speaker is also responsible to ensure that council meets at least quarterly; compliance in the council and council committees with the Code of Conduct; that council meetings are conducted in accordance […]

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Council Term of Office

The Knysna Town Council is the highest structure of local government in Knysna. Council is made up of 21 members. This membership comprises 11 ward councillors, and the other 10 members are proportional representative (PR) councillors. Number of seats in council by political party Party Name of Party Number of Seats Ward PR Total ANC […]

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Portfolio Committees & Agendas

These committees are streamlined to promote more effective and efficient service delivery to the people of Knysna. The Committees are: Community Services Committee (Chairperson: Cllr Waleed Grootboom) Areas of Oversight: Disaster Management, Fire and Rescue, Traffic and Law Enforcement, Parks, Libraries, Arts and Culture, Waste Management, Youth, Sport and Social Development. Finance & Governance Committee […]

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Council Meeting Agendas

Key to a successful government is the existence of a public informed about government actions. Knysna Municipality subscribes to open, transparent and accountable government; it allows residents the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight. All meetings are open to the public and we invite residents […]

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Meet the Councillors

To view the geographical Wards represented by the Councillors above, click here.

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Knysna Municipal Planning Tribunal & Appeal Authority

Municipal Planning Tribunal The Knysna Municipality Standard By-Law on Municipal Land Use Planning came into effect on 12 February 2016. In terms of Section 70(1)(a) of the by-law the Municipality must establish a Municipal Planning Tribunal for its municipal area. Section 69(2) allows the Tribunal to consider and determine all applications, other than those in […]

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