Knysna Public Libraries

Public Libraries

The Knysna Municipality manages 11 libraries in the greater Knysna municipal area. If you are a resident in the municipal area, membership of the libraby is free! Visitors and residents from neighbouring towns may join for a nominal fee. Your library card can be used at any of the libraries in the municipal area, but it is preferable that you return your books at the library from which you have borrowed it.

A list and contact details for each library is available at the bottom of this page.

How do I join the library?

Ask a librarian for a membership application form and fill it in. If you are an adult (older than 17) residing in the greater Knysna area, bring along with your application:

  • a valid South African Identity Document or …
  • proof of your home address, such as a municipal utility bill.

If everything is in order, you will be able to take out books immediately and a library card will be issued. Membership is free for residents. However, if you should lose your card, it will cost R10 to replace.

If you are applying for a child younger than 17 years:

  • fill in an application form for the child and sign it on his/her behalf,
  • submit your identity document number, and
  • the child’s identity document number.

If everything is in order, the child will be able to take out books immediately and a library card issued in his/her name. Membership is free for children and grandchildren of residents. However, if they should lose their cards, it will cost R10 to replace.

If you are a non-Masifundi Library wanting to apply for an annual card, the process is the same as above. Annual subscription costs R220.

If you are a visitor, you may apply for a temporary card. A deposit of R85 is refundable when all library material is returned. Visitors may borrow a maximum of two books at a time.

How many books may I borrow at a time?

Adults may borrow up to six books. Non-school going children may borrow up to two books. School pupils may borrow four books at a time.

Does the library have anything other than books?

Yes, the libraries have magazines, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, some Audio Books and even videos in some cases. Ask you librarian if you are not sure where to find them.

How long may I borrow books?

A member may borrow books for two weeks at a time. If you want to read a book for longer, you must ask for an extension. You can phone the relevant library with your card and book details, or go the library to extend your loan period.

What happens if my books are late?

If you did not ask for an extension on your book borrowing time, you will have to pay a fine per book.

Knysna Libraries

Knysna Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
PO Box 31, 6570
2 Memorial Square, Knysna, 6570
Contact: Ms Ntombizanele Qorana / Ms Elaine Spies
Tel: 044 302 6544 / 6308 / 6390
Latitude: -34.03548000000 / Longitude: 23.0477200005

Brackenhill Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
PO Box 31, Knysna, 6570
Karibia Street, Brackenhill community, Knysna, 6570
Contact: Ms Velrene Ruiters (temporary) / Ms Aluinia James
Tel: 044 302 6368/6496
Tel: 073 598 3757
Tel: 083 646 8466 (Velrene)
Fax: 086 5195 895
Latitude: -34.0281 / Longitude 23.1675

6 Protea Street, Buffelsnek, Knysna 6570
Contact: Ms Moira Coetzee
Tel: 044 382 9783
Fax: 044 382 9770

Fairview Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Private Bag X6556, P G Bison Plantation George
Dennelaan, Fairview, 6573 (near Groenvlei)
Contact: Ms Sandiswa Mekuto
Tel: 073 067 7757
Latitude: -34.022985 / Longitude: 22.872246

Hornlee Branch Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Vigilance Street, Hornlee, 6571
Contact: Ms Meudgelane Benn
Tel: 044 302 6368 / 6496
Fax: 086 519 5895
Latitude: -34.0455504823 / Longitude: 23.0925878039

Karatara Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Main Street near municipal buildings), Karatara, 6580
Contact: Ms Leana Surita Fredericks
Tel: 044 302 6410
Fax: 086 543 5785
Latitude: -33.9169908798 / Longitude: 22.8370387526

Khayalethu Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Chungwa Street (next to Khayalethu Hall) Knysna, 6570
Contact: Ms Geraldine Somerset
Tel: 044 302 6577 / 6350
Cell: 078 6551247
Fax: 086 515 4265
Latitude: -33.9163608995 / Longitude: 18.8496862815

Leisure Isle Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Cearn Hall, Hall Street, Leisure Isle, 6570
Contact: Ms Monica Frans
Tel: 044 302 6311
Fax: 086 629 5019
Latitude: -34.0665540004 / Longitude: 23.0628279997

Masifunde Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Concordia Road, Jood se Kamp, Knysna, 6570
Contact: Ms Zoliswa Mphekeleni
Tel: 044 302 6310
Fax: 044 302 6336
Latitude: -34.0293440003 / Longitude: 23.07321400000

Rheenendal Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
PO Box 154, Rheenendal
Main Street 1, Rheenendal, 6576
Contact: Ms Muriel Petersen
Tel: 044 302 6526
Latitude: -33.9448229999 / Longitude: 22.935560000

Rudolf Balie Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Concordia Road, Concordia, Knysna, 6571. (Close to Cellphone Tower)
Contact: Ms ZiyandaMsakiwe / Ms Zoliswa Mmphekeleni
Tel: 044 302 6245 / 6498
Fax: 044 302 6336
Latitude: -34.029750 / Longitude: 23.093102

Sedgefield Public Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
12 Flamingo Street, Sedgefield, 6573 (near post office)
Contact: Ms Loretta Wagenaar
Tel: 044 302 6519 / 302 6520
Fax: 086 616 3080
Latitude: -34.01399400000 / Longitude: 22.7994350003

Smutsville Branch Library (KNYSNA MUNICIPALITY)
Luthango Street, Sedgefield, 6573
Contact: Mr Rhodes Henene
Tel: 044 302 6565
Fax: 044 343 2135
Latitude: -34.02715800000 / Longitude: 22.8188140004

Manager Library Services
PO Box 31, Knysna, 6570
Contact: Mr Xola Frans
Old Gaol Museum, Corner of Queen and Main Road, Knysna, 6570
Tel: 044 302 6303
Cell: 060 9986 923

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