Planning and Development

Planning & Development

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Building Control

The Building Control Department is responsible for the approval process of building plan applications and the enforcement of statutory requirements regulating buildings, in terms of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977).  It ensures that all applicable legislation and other relevant standards are conformed with.  The division also regulates the […]

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Land Use Management

IMPORTANT FESTIVE SEASON NOTICES: Notice: Municipal Regulations for Festive Season Events   THE LAND USE MANAGEMENT DIVISION The Land Use Management Division consists of a Land Use Planning Section and Development Information Section. The purpose of spatial planning is to provide a framework for the spatial vision and form of Knysna Municipality. The approved Spatial […]

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Current Land Use Applications

Land use management applications are the first step in the formal planning and building process and are also necessary if you are intending to use a site or building for purposes other than what it has been originally zoned or built for. The municipality promotes public participation on the land use applications we receive and […]

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