How to apply for a New Account

Apply for a New Service?

Residents and businesses follow the same process when applying for municipal services. Application forms are available from the municipal Customer Care Centre in Main Street Knysna. In addition to the application form, you also have to provide supporting documentation (see below).

Please note tenants may not apply for trade services such as water or electricity. Only property owners or their certified proxy may open an account.

Please ensure that you have:

  • a copy of the rates account for the property;
  • the property owner’s ID or a certified copy of their ID;
  • a letter of proxy from the company’s board of directors if the application is being made for a company, giving the person doing the application authority to sign on behalf of the company;
  • certified identification of the person who will be signing on behalf of the company if the application is being made for a company;
  • depending on the type of application other documents may be requested.

Once you have completed the forms and have all your supporting documentation, you can submit it at any of our Customer Care Centres.

If you are requesting a standard residential water/electricity connection, you will have to pay for the cost of connecting your property to the network, if not prepaid.

Once you have submitted your application, we are mandated to complete the connection within ten working days if there is existing infrastructure, and within a month if the network must be extended. Non-standard connections or if a new network needs to be installed, a quote will be issued for which a fee will be charged.