Building Control

Building Control

The Building Control Division is responsible for the approval process of building plans applications and the enforcement of statutory requirements regulating buildings, in terms of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977). It ensures that all applicable legislation and other relevant standards are conformed with. The division also regulates the outdoor advertising, heritage and building aesthetics in the municipal area in terms of the by-law.

Relevant Legislation / Policies

National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act of 103 of 1977
The by-law relating to the outdoor advertising, heritage and building aesthetics in the municipal area.

Building Plan Approval Process

  1. Submit your plans
    The owner / architectural professional / agent submits the building plan application at the counter or via email to the plans receiver who checks and verifies if the application is fully complete, if correct the scrutiny fees are then calculated. The plans receiver then complete the invoice for the payment of the scrutiny fees which the owner / architectural professional / agent must pay at the Customer Services Centre or via EFT. Only on provision of a formal receipt of payment (building control cannot accept notice or proof of payment) can the plan be accepted into the system.
  2. Site pre-inspection and comments from various Departments
    A pre-inspection (refers to any on-site inspection done prior to the formal approval of the building plan) will be conducted by the area building inspector. The building plans are thereafter forwarded to the different departments. Each department comments on the plans and forward these to building control.
  3. Consideration and outcome
    After the receipt of all the comments on the building plan application from the different departments, the plans are then circulated to the building inspector / plans-examiner who will scrutinize the plan and review the comments received, then formulate the outcome and send it to the building control officer for the recommendation of the compiling of the refusal (amendment) – or approval letter. The owner / architectural professional / agent will then be contacted via system email and be informed of the outcome of the application.
  4. Amended plans
    If the building plan needs to be amended, the owner / architectural professional / agent will be informed of the required amendments and that the building plan needs to be resubmitted for approval. On receipt of the amended building plan, the plan will then be re-circulated to the departments that required additional information and if these amendments were done and confirmed as such by the departments, the building plan will then be recommended for approval.

During the building plan submission process the owner / architectural professional / agent will be receiving email progress updates via our system at certain stages of the application process.


Once the building plan has been approved. The different inspections to be carried out are:

  • Commencement inspection
  • Trenches / Excavations inspection
  • Drainage / Sewer inspection, and
  • Completion inspection / Occupation inspection.

Commencement inspection – It is required that the owner/contractor should give four (4) days’ notice to the area building inspector prior the commencement of any building work on site. In most instances the commencement and Trenches / Excavations inspection are combined.

It is the responsibility of the owner to request the different inspections at the different stages of construction work. Requests for building inspections must be submitted two (2) days prior to the date of inspection. Once the completion inspection has been done and is compliant an occupation certificate is issued on written request of the owner within in fourteen (14) days.

2019/2020 Tariffs
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Mr Randolph Daames
Telephone: +27 (0)44 302 6324

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