Knysna Municipality Grants


The Knysna Municipality makes grants-in-aid available to organisations to fund projects that benefit the community and assist the municipality in realising its goals and objectives.

If your organisation would like to apply for grants-in-aid, you can access the appropriate forms and information below.

Alternatively, you can obtain an application form at the Municipal Offices in Clyde Street.

All organisations and applications should take note of the Grants-in-Aid Policy – see below.

Mayoral Social Relief & Bursary Fund

We understand that studying can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to get financial support for your education – whether from government, social organisations or private companies. The Mayor’s Social Relief and Bursary Fund is another alternative – it offers financial support for a number of applicants each year.

The Fund offers support for scarce skills such as engineering, or science and cover:

  • registration;
  • portion of tuition fees (not full bursary);
  • examination fees;
  • capped book allowance;
  • may include accommodation (where a proven need exists).

Contact the Mayor’s Office at or telephone +27 (0)44 302 6386 for further information, or download the application form below.

Bursary & Grants Available

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