Land Use Management

Land Use Management


The Land Use Management Division consists of a Land Use Planning Section and Development Information Section.

The purpose of spatial planning is to provide a framework for the spatial vision and form of Knysna Municipality. The approved Spatial Development Framework (SDF) provides guidelines for future development and growth of the Municipal Area in a predictable manner to enhance the quality of life of its residents.

A Draft Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF) is currently being prepared and will be finalised in the 2019/2020 financial year with the main priority being to guide new investment, give effect to the principles as stated in the SPLUMA and Strategic Objectives of the Integrated Development Plan and identify priority areas for strategic intervention.

Land Use Management Activities:

The Land Use Management Division is inter alia responsible for the following functions:

  • Developing and Reviewing Municipal Spatial Development Framework;
  • Developing policies and strategies guiding the long-term development of the municipality;
  • Identifying land for future development;
  • Processing of Land Use Applications;
  • Updating Zoning Map and Register.

Relevant Policies and Legislation

The following legislation is applicable to Land Use Management:

  • Spatial Planning & Land Use Management Act (Act No.16 of 2013);
  • Western Cape Land Use Planning Act (Act No. 3 of 2014);
  • Spatial Planning and Land Use Management By-Law (2021);
  • Spatial Development Framework (2017);
  • Western Cape Land Use Planning Rural Areas Guidelines (2019);
  • Street Naming & Numbering Policy (2019);
  • Knysna Zoning Scheme Regulations (1992);
  • Sedgefield Zoning Scheme Regulations (1988);
  • Noetzie Scheme Regulations (2000);
  • Section 8 Scheme Regulations (1980)

Contact Details
Manager: Land Use Management
Mr. Hennie Smit
Tel. 044 302 6319

Land Use - Portal Application - User Guide

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New Zoning Scheme By-law

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Transition Tables

Members of the public may at any time that a discrepancy is noticed in the transition table submit a motivated comment & evidence in the attached form, which will be considered for a quarterly updating of the zoning table and map

Rectification of Errors on the Zoning Scheme Map

In terms of Section 8 of the Knysna Municipality Zoning Scheme By-law (2020), if an owner of land or any other person finds that the zoning of a land unit is incorrectly indicated on the zoning map, such person may apply to the Municipality to correct the error. The onus of proving that the zoning is incorrectly indicated on the map is on the owner by providing the necessary documentary evidence. Note that such an application is exempted from application fees.

Documents and Forms

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Spatial Development Framework

Greater Knysna is constantly changing and growing. To ensure that the town remains a quality place in which to live, work and invest, as well as to visit, it needs a plan to guide this future growth and change in the best possible way. Generally, this plan is known as a Spatial Development Framework (SDF).

Amendment of the Knysna Municipal Spatial Development Framework

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Knysna Municipal Spatial Development Framework 2020

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