Performance Agreements

In terms of the provisions of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, the Municipal Manager is required to sign a performance agreement with all Directors which includes a performance plan for each financial year or part thereof.

The performance plan sets out the performance objectives and targets that must be met by them, as well as the time frames within which those performance objectives and targets must be met. These are used to assess the performance of Section 57 employees on a quarterly basis.

Please find below the performance agreements for the Knysna Municipality’s Section 57 (S57) employees. Each set is clustered per financial year.

Performance Agreements 2022 - 2023

Performance Agreements 2021 - 2022

13 Available for download

Performance Agreements 2020 - 2021

Performance Agreements 2019 - 2020

Performance Agreements 2018 - 2019

Performance Agreements 2017 - 2018

3 Available for download