Pension Rebate

Apply for Social & Pensioner Rebates?

In terms of Council’s policy qualifying households (i.e. households within a certain income bracket) may apply for rebates on rates and service charges. Council annually determines the qualifying income levels.

Click here to download: Indigent Application Form
Click here to download: Senior Citizen Rebates Application Form

To qualify for the rebates:

  • The applicant must be a resident of the Greater Knysna Municipality;
  • The applicant must be in possession of a valid South African identity document;
  • The combined or joint gross income of all occupants or dependents in a single household which receives services from the municipality must not exceed the approved limit as contained in the policy; (Child support and foster care grant are excluded when a household income is calculated)
  • Where there are income earning tenants or any other people living on the property with income, it must also be declared on the application form.
  • The applicant must be the owner who receives municipal services;
  • The Indigent subsidy is limited to one occupied property;
  • The Indigent subsidy will not apply to vacant stands;
  • In terms of estate accounts, the existing account will continue under the indigent relief measures, on condition that only the surviving spouse or dependent children may apply. The death certificate must be submitted to qualify for the continued support and an application for the continuance of the indigent relief must be submitted.

The application window is annually until 30 June of said year and the application process comes into effect as from 1 July. Once a rebate is granted, it will be valid for one year only. Residents, including existing recipients, need to re-apply for rebates every financial year.

Applications must be accompanied by the following:

  • Certified copies of all the owner’s identity documents;
  • The latest municipal account;
  • Certified documentary proof of income, or an affidavit declaring lack of income and /or proof of registration as unemployed, plus bank statement (Where applicable);
  • Particulars of any other grants received by the accountholder;
  • Recent pre-paid electricity token or prepaid electricity meter number.
  • Consent letter from the owner in cases where tenants apply for subsidy.

The municipality will be verifying every application including the details of applicant’s salaries or other sources of income. Please note it is fraudulent to submit false declarations.

To obtain application forms and more information, customers may visit their nearest municipal precinct or call the municipality’s Credit Control office on 044 302 6542 / 6411 / 6470 / 6443/ 6322.