Wheelie bins rolled out

Knysna Municipality has managed to deliver approximately 7 000 units to residents and businesses as part of its wheelie bin rollout. “The restrictions imposed by the nationwide lockdown and subsequent alert levels definitely impacted the distribution process, but we are catching up on our projected distributions,” explained Acting Municipal Manager Dr Louis Scheepers.

Eleven unemployed people from various wards were provided with temporary work to distribute the bins within Knysna’s northern areas. “A total of R29 000.00 was spent on labour between 21 July and 24 August,” said Dr Scheepers. “Thank you to Mpact Plastics, the suppliers of the units, for your generosity in offering to pay for this temporary employment.”

The supply of wheelie bins to certain businesses and residential areas is in line with the Knysna Municipality Integrated Waste Management By-Law (2014). “This by-law clearly states that waste generators must store waste in the containers provided by us or our service provider, and that they must make use of the waste removal services we provide,” Dr Scheepers explained. “Residents and businesses will only have to continue using black bags until they have received their wheelie bins.”

“As the by-law also states that waste generators are obliged to pay tariffs and rates for waste removal services, this rollout forms part of the implementation of our Revenue Enhancement Strategy (RES),” he continued. “Each bin is equipped with a radio frequency identification (RIFD) tag linked to a specific erf number. This means that billing will be reconciled with the actual number of removals from specific properties.

“All registered properties will be allocated a wheelie bin in time,” said Dr Scheepers. “While it will ensure that services delivered are paid for, it also means that our town will be kept cleaner as pests will not be able to tear open bags and leave rubbish lying in our streets. To enquire about your bin, or should you not have received one during rollout in your area, please call 044 302 6405.”