Overall Integrated Human Settlements Policy approved

Part Two of Knysna Municipality’s Draft Integrated Human Settlements (IHS) Policy has been approved. According to Acting Municipal Manager Dr Louis Scheepers this, together with the previously approved first part, now represents the overall policy document.

“This document will guide the operational implementation of our housing programmes, which will now be based on a typology-driven model,” Dr Scheepers explained. “It also allows for a seamless training and development programme for staff of the IHS Directorate, enabling them to operate confidently within a common operational procedure framework.”

An initial workshop has already been held with IHS departmental staff members. Further workshops with key staff members from all the municipal directorates will also be held to enhance inter-departmental coordination and support.

“We do, however, require and welcome the public’s support, understanding and collective ownership of this and other policies, as well as the IHS Strategic Plan,” he said. “We are now ready to start rolling out ward-based workshops and invite all concerned parties to attend. We need your help to implement our philosophy of ‘reimagining a new Knysna’.”

Knysna suffers a high demand for housing with a growing database of over 9 500 households. “This demand increases by 3% per year and only represents those families or individuals who are registered on our files,” Dr Scheepers continued. “This motivates a shift in our strategic intention from being reactive to productively proactive. This policy will allow us to make this shift, always working towards being inspired, innovative and inclusive.”

Details on public workshops of the Integrated Human Settlements will be published in due course.