Over 5 000 Greater Knysna households assisted with food relief

According to Knysna’s Acting Municipal Manager Dr Michele Gratz, the Humanitarian and Social Relief Programme has provided more than 5 400 households with much needed assistance in the form of vouchers or food parcels thus far.

“Thank you to our partners Knysna Rotary and the Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching,” she said. “And thank you to our generous donors. The support received from private individuals has been heart-warming, and donations made have been invaluable.”

“Successful implementation of a programme like this is a team effort,” she said. “Knysna Municipality provides the IT and verification support regarding the central database of applicants. The logistics of packing and delivering the aid is managed by our employees.”

Rotary Knysna oversees the finances and the allocation and distribution of vouchers and relief parcels, while Knysna Hope manages the voucher system. The Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching (KILT) contributes to the food security aspect and has set up various support structures, including a psycho-social counselling programme for KILT families and educators, and a targeted learning resource programme.

“As the extended lockdown continues through the various levels of severity, it affects more of our vulnerable residents,” Gratz concluded. “This programme desperately needs your support to continue meeting the growing demands. Judging from the backing already received from the community of Knysna, I am however confident that, by working together, we will be able to carry on helping those who need it the most.”

Residents and businesses who are interested in supporting the Humanitarian and Social Relief Programme are invited to make financial donations to the Rotary Club of Knysna, who will regulate and manage the funds accordingly. Their banking details are:

Rotary Club of Knysna
Nedbank, Knysna
Current Account: 1089027257
Branch Code: 198765
Reference: Surname – C19 Food
Email: covid-19@knysnarotary.co.za 

There are three easy ways to apply to the Humanitarian and Social Relief Programme:

Please visit https://knysnarotary.co.za/covid-19/ for more information.