Next phase in water management devices distribution ready to be rolled out

Acting Municipal Manager Dawid Adonis said that the municipality is now ready to implement the next phase in the Water Management Device (WMD) rollout. “A new contractor, Ikapa Reticulation & Flow has been appointed through a transparent supply chain management process and will install 10 000 new units throughout all wards of the greater municipal area over a three year period.”

The project is promoting upliftment and job creation in the area. “Locals form each ward will be  trained to install these devices,” he explained. “Each field worker will be provided with an Identification card and branded uniform. The ID card contains the name and picture of the field worker as well as the logo of both the municipality and the service provider.”

“There are still many households that never had water meters installed, and many more with faulty meters or leaks. Leaks not only waste water, but can result in huge charges and accrued debt,” he said. “These sophisticated systems will prevent this from happening. Incorrect readings can also lead to a loss of revenue for Council, while this pay-as-you-go approach ensures that all users are charged equally for their water usage.”

With all ward councillors in support of the next phase, the next switch-over phase will be more streamlined, implementing lessons learnt from the previous roll out. The removal of old meters, installation of WMDs and their activation will take place in less than a week. A roll out project plan will be communicated to residents before the new phase kicks off.

“Indigent consumers will still receive their 6kl of water per month, with other users receiving 3kl per month. Once the monthly allocated water has been used, more units may be purchased in the same way that prepaid electricity is currently bought,” Adonis concluded. “It is a prime example of putting the power in the hands of the people.”

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