Level 3 Water Restrictions announced for Greater Knysna

Due to abnormal rainfall during November and the consequent low levels of the rivers in the Knysna area, the Knysna Municipality announced Level 3 Water Restrictions with immediate effect.

Acting Municipal Manager Mr. Roland Butler said the historical rainfall figure for November is around 85mm. “Last year we had 105mm, and this year only 2mm. The river levels of all the rivers in the Greater Knysna area are low, and we expect an influx of people to the area during the upcoming holiday season. To ensure a continuous supply we must use water sparingly until we’ve had sufficient rain to bulk up our water resources.”

Level 3 Water Restrictions dictate that:

  • Municipal potable water is for human consumption only;
  • No watering of gardens (not even with a bucket);
  • No washing of vehicles and/or boats;
  • All residents and businesses to restrict their usage to 20 Kl/month;
  • Residents utilizing more than the 20 Kl/month will be identified and notified to install water restrictive devices;

“The daily usage of our residents and businesses could further be reduced to assist with this crisis. Please use water sparingly and adhere to the restrictions to prevent an increase in the restriction levels”, Butler concluded.

Residents can report water wastage or broken pipes on (044) 302 6311 or on WhatsApp: 060 998 7000.