Knysna is not dependent on water from the Akkerkloof Holding Dam


Acting Knysna Municipal Manager Setloane Malepeng has confirmed that the town is not dependent on the Akkerkloof Dam for its drinking water. “Knysna’s main water sources are the Knysna and Gouna rivers,” he explained. “Water from these rivers is pumped to the treatment plant via the Charlesford and Eastford pumpstations, supplying the town with clean drinking water.

“The Akkerkloof Dam is an off-site storage facility,” he said. “The water level in this holding dam is low due to a pipe break in a new line from our Eastford pumpstation. Repairs to this line were completed on 19 June and, following adjustments to the pumps at Charlesford and Eastford, we will start pumping more water to the balancing dam, and onwards to the water treatment works, tomorrow, 21 June.”

According to Malepeng, the Charlesford pumpstation is also undergoing motor and wet-end repair work. “Completion of these works will allow us to pump 300 litres per second to the balancing dam as well as the Akkerkloof Dam, which also receives water from the Glebe Dam. This will once again facilitate sufficient off-site storage.”

“Although households and businesses receive water from our rivers and not the Akkerkloof Holding Dam, we urge residents to continue using water sparingly and to adhere to current water restrictions,” he concluded. “We continue to provide our residents with access to safe, clean drinking water, and are working towards once again filling our storage facility.”

Report any leaks to 044 302 6331 during normal working hours, or 044 302 8911 after hours. Do not hesitate to report any water wastage or abuse to our WhatsApp no 060 998 7000.