Town Governance

There are two spheres of governance within any municipality: Council, which is political in nature and representative of the people who have elected them, and Administration, which are employed by the Municipality as the executors of decisions taken by Council.

The Knysna Municipal Council makes decisions in terms of legislation, such as bylaws and policies, as well as in terms of executive functions such as operations, projects and issues of finance. The executive function within this municipality has been delegated to the Executive Mayor and the Mayoral Committee.

Executive Mayor
Councillor Mark Willemse is the executive and political leader of the Knysna Municipality.

Office of the Speaker
The Speaker, Councillor Mertle Gombo, is the convenor of Council meetings. This office also oversees the workings of Ward Committees and Public Participation.

Mayoral Committee
The Mayoral Committee is an extension of the office of the Executive Mayor and assists her in the execution of her powers.

The Knysna Municipal Council is the political sphere of service delivery and final decision-making entity.

The Administration sphere of government acts on the decisions made in Council.

Municipal Manager
Municipal Manager, Dr Sitembele Vatala, heads the Administration arm of the Knysna Municipality. Her office  also incorporates the Department Communications and Customer Relations, the Department Internal Audit, Risk and Performance Management, and the Department Integrated Development Planning (IDP).

Director Community Services
The Director Community Services oversees services pertaining to Disaster Management, Fire and Rescue, Traffic and Law Enforcement, Parks, Waste Management, Libraries, Arts and Culture, Waste Management and Cleansing, Youth and Sport Development. Mr Eben Phillips heads this Directorate.

Director Corporate Services
Many of the administrative functions inside the municipality are managed by the Director Corporate Services. Ms Phumla Makoma heads this Directorate.

Director Financial Services
The Directorate Financial Services administrates all finance-related services as well as the Information Technology department. Mr Mbulelo Memani heads this Directorate

Director Planning and Economic Development
The Directorate Planning and Development incorporates Town Planning, Building Control, Environmental Management and Economic Development. Ms Marlene Boyce heads this Directorate.

Director Infrastructure Services
Services pertaining mainly to infrastructure are the responsibility of the Director Technical Services. The Electro-Technical Services Department incorporates all services related to distribution of electricity and oversees the municipality’s fleet and mechanical workshop. Mr Pravir Hariparsad heads this Directorate.

Integrated Human Settlements
The Directorate Integrated Human Settlements administrates all housing-related services. Mr Joel Mkunqwana heads this Directorate.