Road Hierarchy

The road network in the Greater Knysna Municipal area is under severe pressure and needs attention urgently. As funding is not readily available the municipality developed a Pavement Management System (PMS) to prioritise spent on the maintenance of both gravel and surfaced roads. The Council-approved policy refers to a ‘roads hierarchy’ which will channel the funds to roads in order of importance and maximum impact, resulting in an equitable distribution of funds across Greater Knysna.

The PMS, which will be updated every 3 – 5 years. In terms of the hierarchy no work will be done on a road lower down on the list as long as repairs are needed on roadimg_3113 km potholesf (2)s first on the list as these serve the larger community. The more traffic a particular road gets, the higher on the priority list it will be scheduled. Main public transport routes are most likely to be addressed first.

This applies to resealing, road patching, regraveling and general road maintenance, while normal internal blading operations will continue on a cyclic basis outside the hierarchy. No temporary repairs will be done and only long term permanent solutions will be allowed to minimise the need for repeated repairs.

A seasonal approach will be followed – from March to May for road patching; from May to September for stormwater maintenance and temporary road repairs like plugging of potholes; from September to December for road patching; and from January to March for resealing.

To view the road hierarchy list, click on the link below:

Road Hierarchy [review process underway]

Please report all damaged roads within the Knysna municipal area to +27 (0)44 302 6309. This way, the public assists in the overall planning for our region and, you never know, eventually we get to your road too.

Contact Manager Public Works:
Mr Shaun Maree
Tel: +27 (0)44 302 6309