Drivers’ and Learner Drivers’ Licences

Application for Learners Licence Test
You will need:
1. Acceptable identification
2. Two ID photographs
3. R68-00
4. Proof of Address

You will receive a date and time to write the test. If for some reason you have to postpone you will have to go to the office and re-schedule your appointment at least two days before.

Application for Driver’s Licence Test
You will need:
1. Acceptable identification
2. Learner’s licence
3. Two ID photographs
4. Fees:  CODE A1, A & B – R135-00
CODE C1, C, EC1 & EC – R200-00

How to RENEW your Driving Licence Card
You will need:
1. Acceptable identification
2. Current Driver’s Licence Card
3. If card is expired you require two ID photographs. If still valid one photograph is required.
5. Fee: R140

Temporary Licence
1. Acceptable identification
2. Two ID photograph
3. Fee: R45
4. An eye test may be required

Professional Driving Permit (PDP)
1. First collect forms from office
2. Medical forms must be completed by your medical practitioner
3. Acceptable identification
4. Current drivers licence card
5. One ID photograph
6. Fee: R220
7. Fee for police clearance: R100

Please note that with every application acceptable identification is essential. This includes a valid South African ID book, a valid South African passport or a valid temporary ID.

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