Unpacking our Vision and Mission

27 August 2019

Welcome to our series of posts where we’ll be unpacking our vision and mission and explore what it means to you and for the Greater Knysna area.

Inclusive. Innovative. Inspired.

To provide affordable quality services, alleviate poverty, and facilitate social and economic development in the Greater Knysna municipal area through integrated development planning, skills development and the sustainable use of resources.

We want to ensure we provide affordable, quality services, to alleviate poverty, and facilitate social and economic development in the Greater Knysna area for our communities. As Joseph Francis once wisely said, “Community engagement requires a lot of passion, dedication, commitment and working well beyond the call of the clock.”

30 August 2019

To bring Knysna Municipality’s Vision to life, inclusivity is key. Each member of our community matters to us, and it’s why we are constantly working on making sure everyone is represented and included in our projects.

As part of our mission to be more inclusive, the municipality provided 190 connections to the electricity grid in the last financial year, and we plan to continue to light up Knysna.

We cut outsourcing costs in the refuse sector by introducing a R2m refuse truck to our fleet.

3 September 2019

With our vision and mission in place, 2019 will be a year Knysna Municipality answers our community by living up to and delivering on our promises.

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”
– Zora Neale Hurston

Nature is inspiring. The streets of Knysna have become a little brighter, thanks to local resident Stella Sohn. She took the initiative to introduce flowerpots around town, through her ‘In Bloom Pots Project’. The municipality applauds her and hope she’ll inspire others to start similar initiatives.

Situated alongside the Indian Ocean, Knysna has a wide variety of beaches, two of which are Blue Flag beaches. Buffalo Bay and Brenton-on-Sea beaches both received Blue Flag Status for several consecutive summer seasons.

6 September 2019

“Collaboration and augmentation are the foundational principles of innovation.” – Vaclav Smil

We believe in innovation as a tool to enrich a community. The Knysna Municipal App was named one of SAFM’s, App of the Week. It’s one way we’re innovating to better govern and fight fraud and corruption.


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