Parks department transforming municipal gardens

We are thrilled to announce that our Parks department rejuvenated over 50 municipal garden beds and have planted more than 130 trees under the department’s new greening initiative. The initiative aim to invest in the natural and recreational areas with plans to restore the natural beauty of all Greater Knysna neighbourhoods. Cyclists, runners and those on foot can already admire the newly planted indigenous Yellowwood trees planted along the walkway on George Rex drive.

Creating new neighbourhood gardens and playgrounds are not just for today; these efforts will ensure that future generations inherit a more vibrant, more beautiful, and more inclusive town than before. It is important for the municipality, property owners and other private partners to be innovative and collaborative to develop gardens and open spaces that will continue to hold significant future value.

Parks and open spaces, no matter what size, are significantly important assets to a town and offer its people opportunities to relax, socialise, exercise and play. The benefits of urban greening and reforestation are endless. Our beautiful public spaces offer a place for all to appreciate nature, engage within the community and build social cohesion. From the creation of valuable new green spots to the day-to-day upkeep of our gardens and public places, give Council and their communities the means to better maintain, protect and enhance their treasured green spaces.

Garden spaces that have recently been rejuvenated need to be respected and given chance to establish. All municipal by-laws regarding littering and nuisance of pets need to be adhered to by all community members to allow these spaces to develop as best possible.

As a top-tourist destination, Knysna has an amazing tapestry of natural areas, pristine beaches, beautiful open spaces and recreational areas – all designed to create an important relationship between its people and nature. The beautification and improvement of public gardens and spaces will no doubt play a crucial role in the economic development of Knysna. The municipality is inspired and excited by its Parks department’s ongoing prioritization of the town’s gardens and public open spaces. It is important to remember and consider that the community is not living in isolation from nature, we are integrated into our natural environment and need to celebrate and respect our natural heritage of incredible biodiversity. For this reason, 98% of species selected are indigenous and water-wise to provide insects and wildlife with a source of forage.

The Parks department will continue with tree planting and garden bed rejuvenation, extending into outlying areas such as Brenton, Belvedere and Sedgefield, in time to come. Greened and rejuvenated spaces will inspire and develop a sense of pride for our town that we call home and within our community, a respect for our environment.

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