New Human Settlements Chairperson means Business 

Michelle Wasserman, the new Mayoral Committee member for Planning and Integrated Human Settlements, was officially sworn in as a Councillor on the 22nd of November last year.

Despite her only starting in her new role as Mayoral Committee member recently, she has been busy. She initiated weekly housing meetings with Ward Councillors and interested PR Councillors, and she started regular site visits to the Wards, starting with Wards 1, 4 and 8.

Wasserman said the purpose of these initiatives was to provide the Ward Councillors and stakeholders with up to date information regarding human settlements (housing) developments taking place in the various wards. “This is not only a platform for them to raise any concerns related to human settlements with me, but also an opportunity for me to visit the sites on which projects are taking place or planned to take place.”

“We will have continuous ongoing discussions and engagements with the communities of Knysna regarding the human settlements strategies, plans, and implementation of approved pipeline projects. We invite the communities to work with us in this regard and to avoid unnecessary protest action, usually caused by incorrect and fake information.”

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