Mayor officially opened Knysna’s first open air gym

Executive Mayor Eleanore Bouw-Spies officially opened the open air gymnasium in George Rex Drive, next to Cathy Park, earlier today.

Bouw-Spies said the Municipality was delighted when they heard that they have been selected as a beneficiary by the National Department of Sport & Recreation.  “What a wonderful contribution as an outdoor activity and we want to thank the Department for the great initiative. This gym does not only allow our residents to get healthy outdoors, but the facility can be enjoyed by old and young, abled and disabled. Exercise time can now double up as family time!”

She said they the municipality would like to introduce more of these in the Greater Knysna Municipal area. “We are investigating ways of adding more outdoor gyms in other wards as well. It is no secret that regular exercise has great health benefits, ranging from a marked improvement in general health to relieving stress, tension, anger and depression. “

Bouw-Spies said although they will do some maintenance, it is up to the residents to make sure they use the equipment responsibly. “Please look after the equipment. It is for the community and we hope that it will also be looked after by the community. Make sure you clean it after you’ve used it for the next person, and lastly, please be safe. Use the equipment in the correct way, and do not overdo it. ”

She concluded by saying that it is important that it can be used free of charge. “I have news for those of you that used finances as an excuse for not working out – it is no longer valid! I am looking forward to seeing all our residents using these facilities. Remember, no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. The important thing is to just get going.”


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