Level 3 Water Restrictions have been implemented by the Knysna Municipality with immediate effect. This new level of restrictions has resulted by Greater Knysna residents not adhering to the call to reduce their water usage. In the past week alone Sedgefield’s target water usage of 1.9ML/day was exceeded with the area utilising 2.89Ml/day. Knysna’s target of 8Ml/day was ignored and residents used a whopping 9.89Ml/day.

Added to this extensive overuse, the low flow of Greater Knysna rivers that feed the Glebe and Akkerkloof Dam (which is currently 37 per cent full) and the Sedgefield reservoirs has necessitated this Level 3 water restriction.

Residents and business water usage will now be closely monitored and those using in excess of the recommended 20Kl/month will need to install water management devices to reduce this non-compliant water use.

It must be noted that if Greater Knysna does not reduce its water consumption Level 4 could be implemented, resulting in the closing of water valves to be opened through a roaming area 3 hour based timetable. In essence Greater Knysna will be facing water outages.
We appeal to all residents and businesses to reduce their consumption with immediate effect and thank those residents that already practice water saving techniques.

Level 3 Restrictions include:

  • Municipal potable water for human consumption only
  • Absolutely NO watering of gardens (not even with a bucket)
  • No washing of vehicles and/or boat
  • All residents and businesses to restrict their usage to 20 Kl/month
  • Residents utilising more than the 20 Kl/month will be identified and must install water restrictive devices immediately
  • Punitive tariff (75 per cent additional) will be added for usage above the 20 Kl/month
  • Water recycling systems to be implemented
  • Artificial water features must use recycled water only
  • All residents are requested to install water efficient devices

For further tips on how to save water please visit the Municipal Website on www.knysna.gov.za

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