Help clean up Knysna’s illegal dumping

Help clean up Knysna’s illegal dumping

As part of Knysna Municipality‟s campaign to rid Greater Knysna of illegal dumping, they have identified illegal dumping hotspots within the area and are asking residents to join them in identifying the culprits.

“Please Whatsapp us on 081 556 9374 with details of where and when you have noticed illegal dumping. It would be ideal if a photograph of the perpetrators could accompany your report,” encouraged Knysna Acting Municipal Manager, Bevan Ellman.

According to Ellman the municipality is able to trace the culprits by using their vehicle registration numbers. “Please, if you see anybody dumping or notice where people have illegally dumped garbage, contact us IMMEDIATELY,” encouraged Ellman.

The Illegal Dumping Whatsapp Campaign was launched via all Knysna Municipal Social Media pages on November Thursday, November 17 and the public response has been overwhelming.

“This whatsapp number received numerous reports within hours of it being made public. Not only did the relevant department now be aware of the exact location of illegal dumping, they could send the clean-up team to clean up the area.

“This is not only paying lip-service, but our Facebook page received a thumbs-up from a reporter of an illegal dumpsite in which they praised that not only was the site clean, but they received an „after‟ photograph to show the prestine environment left behind,” said Ellman.

The Old Place garden waste disposal site operates on Mondays to Fridays from 07:30 to 16:30, and from 07:30 to 13:00 on Saturdays. Currently there is no tariff /fee charged for the disposal of garden refuse.

The Sedgefield garden waste disposal site, which is a drop-off only site, operates with the same specifications as for the Old Place site. Payment for dumping at the Sedgefield site can be done at the Sedgefield Municipal Offices in Sedgefield. Garden refuse dumping is still free.

Please note that neither of these sites will accept building waste. Building waste must be taken to the private landfill site at Harkerville

The Department of Environmental Affairs has closed the dumping site in Brenton-on-Sea during 2015, so dumping at this site equates to illegal dumping.




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