Expanded Public Works Programme excells

The Knysna Municipality received an accolade for excellence from the Western Cape Department of Public Works for exceeding its EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme) targets.

During the 2017/18 financial year, Knysna Municipality’s target was set at 324 but succeeded to create a total number of almost 500 work opportunities. The EPWP participants were placed in various projects in the Technical Services and Community Services Directorates.

Knysna Executive Mayor, Mark Willemse applauded the municipality’s Economic Development department, who are responsible for EPWP, for the successful implementation of the EPWP in Knysna. He also thanked the Provincial Department for their continuous support of this programme.

“Our commitment to redress has ensured that EPWP projects give opportunities to those residents who are in need of financial relief, while also facilitating the development of practical work experience. This is achieved by:

  • giving unemployed people access to temporary work;
  • assisting unemployed people through skills programmes and work experience;
  • ensuring that unemployed people receive an allowance for any work they have completed as part of the EPWP;
  • enhancing EPWP participants’ chances of finding jobs or starting their own businesses”

By working together with government and the residents of Knysna, we will can continue to provide opportunities for those most in need and in so doing build and inclusive, innovative and inspired Knysna.


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