Departments team up for success with KnysnaBeat

Knysna Municipality has reinforced its commitment to building Knysna into a safer, cleaner and more efficient town for all with the official launch of KnysnaBeat.  Knysna Beat is a combined initiative between the local economic development, law enforcement, solid waste and parks and public spaces teams.

Knysna Executive Mayor, Mark Willemse explains: “The idea for KnysnaBeat was conceived late last year when we began our preliminary planning for the CBD upgrade. From the outset we have been focusing on the three areas for transformation that are critical to the success of any urban regeneration undertaking:

  1. infrastructure erosion/degradation
  2. cleanliness and hygiene
  3. safety and security”

In February this year, under the banner “Knys ‘n New”, the municipality presented the urban design framework for the upgrade of Grey Street. With a specific focus on road surfaces and sidewalks, disjointed urban spaces and the regeneration of heritage assets, the framework outlines the design and development principles that the municipality will adopt in all infrastructure upgrades and development in future.

KnysnaBeat focuses on “upgrades” to the cleanliness and safety of the CBD. Willemse continues: “You will see that the municipal cleaning and gardening teams are now sporting bright green reflective jackets carrying the slogans “Knys ‘n Clean” and “Knys ’n Green” respectively – an external mark of our renewed commitment to improving services across Knysna.”

Under the banner “Knys ‘n Safe”, the municipality has also introduced a new specialist CBD street patrol – a combination of law enforcement officers on “Knys ‘n Safe” bikes and a new, visible mobile policing unit.

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