Charlesford water pipeline connected

We are excited to announce that we will connect the new pipeline during the course of this week.

In November 2017, we reported that the municipality had several short-term interventions in place to assist with the current water scarcity in Greater Knysna

These included the Charlesford pipeline construction that will allow more water to be pumped from the Knysna and Gouna rivers. Phase 2A of the project, will see six kilometres of the pipeline completed at a cost of R32 million and Phase 2B, valued at approximately R24 million, will provide a further 2.9 kilometres.

We are excited to announce that our engineers are ready to connect the new Charlesford pipeline during the course of this week. The switchover should not affect water supply. Additional water will be provided from our alternate water resources such as Knysna’s Reverse Osmosis plant, the Bigai Spring and numerous boreholes in Knysna while the connection is underway.

However, we urge residents and visitors to be extra vigilant during the switchover period and continue to use water sparingly regardless of the proactive measures taken by the municipality.

It is of utmost importance that the residents, business and tourists remain proactive in their endeavours to save and reduce their water consumption. We thank each and every one who is taking this drought seriously and has made water conservation part of their daily lives.

Report any leaks to 044 302 6331 during normal working hours or 044 302 8911 after hours. Do not hesitate to report any water wastage or abuse to our WhatsApp no 060 998 7000.

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