Building communities through handover of title deeds

On Friday 26 April 2019 the lives of over 30 families were changed immeasurably when Knysna Executive Mayor, Mark Willemse presented them with title deeds to their subsidies properties.

The beneficiaries, mostly from Concordia in Ward 8, have been waiting to receive ownership for many years.

Willemse acknowledged the history of property ownership in South Africa. Owning a property gives people access to an asset which can help create better financial security as well as opportunities for growth.

“This is an important programme for the Municipality because of the positive impact it has on our community. With the support of the Provincial department of Human Settlements we will continue to process and hand over title deeds to beneficiaries. Through our Title Deeds Restoration programme we will fast track this process”, Willemse said.

As part of the proceedings a consumer education workshop followed the official handover. The workshop is designed to enable recipients to understand the value of ownership, what the asset is worth and to ensure that they understand the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Pensioners and indigent beneficiaries can apply for social rebates for municipal services as provided for in Council’s Credit Control Policy.

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