Archive Press Releases

December 2014
18/12/2014 Water restrictions are still in place
15/12/2014 Knysna Municipality officially opens Buffelskop library 
11/12/2014 Use water responsibly this festive season
05/12/2014 Eskom implements load shedding today and over the weekend (Issued by Eskom)
05/12/2014 ISDF youth competition draws multitude of entries
04/12/2014 System status bulletin no 302 (Issued by Eskom)
02/12/2014 Knysna estuary safe to swim (Issued by SANParks)
01/12/2014 Knysna receives clean audit for second year running
01/12/2014 Knysna Municipality wishes everyone a safe summer

November 2014
25/11/2014 Estuary water quality, no need to panic (Issued by SANParks)
21/11/2014 Mayor on 16 Days of Activism
18/11/2014 New housing development for Hornlee
18/11/2014 Knysna Municipality to remove redundant standpipes
14/11/2014 Swartvlei mouth opened due to threat to Sedgefield water
10/11/2014 Municipality launches its basic life skills training programme for 338 employees
05/11/2014 Water sample results for Swartvlei (Issued by SANParks)
04/11/2014 Knysna Municipality gets green thumbs up at 2014 Greenest Municipality award ceremony
04/11/2014 Knysna role-players working together to solve parking attendant issue
03/11/2014 Damage to Majuba power station coal storage silo
01/11/2014 Knysna Electrotechnical Engineer announces early retirement

October 2014
29/10/2014 Municipality warns against unlawful Guy Fawkes activities
29/10/2014 Swartvlei – treating the cause and not the symptom (Issued by SANParks)
22/10/2014 Prepayment meter scam
21/10/2014 Municipality wins two awards with Karatara Weir project
21/10/2014 Dogs still have their day on Blue Flag beaches
21/10/2014 Swartvlei e.coli levels causing concern
21/10/2014 Residents to run alternative water sources 0n independent systems
21/10/2014 Municipality urges DAFF to intervene in the repair of electricity to Springveld Village
14/10/2014 Municipality transfers ownership of homes in Karatara
08/10/2014 Knysna proud owners of 5 Blue Flags
06/10/2014 IDP meetings: Make your voices heard
03/10/2014 Electricity upgrades for Brenton
02/10/2014 Roads maintenance budget allocation per Ward
01/10/2014 Non-compliance main reason for Creche application turned down

September 2014
30/09/2014 Estuary Water Quality addressed
30/09/2014 Pothole Trees not a safe solution
25/09/2014 Municipal Manager Lauren Waring resigns
23/09/2014 Road Maintenance 2014-2015 financial year
23/09/2014 Mayor concerned about latest Crime Statistics
03/09/2014 Copper theft in Sedgefield
01/09/2014 Knysna Municipality’s water is safe to drink
01/09/2014 Municipality spends over R3 million on Lower Old Place Outfall Sewer Upgrade
01/09/2014 Speaker Eleanore Bouw-Spies donates braille bibles to Die Werkswinkel

August 2014
19/08/2014 Water restrictions still in place
19/08/2014 Tariffs for traffic violations increase
19/08/2014 Mayor’s Showcase for Inspired Women
08/08/2014 Mayor calls for probe into ISDF process

July 2014
21/07/2014 Municipality celebrates Mandela Day
15/07/2014 Knysna to host National launch of annual Blue Flag Season
08/07/2014 Changes in Council
07/07/2014 Hope Spot comes to Knysna

June 2014
28/06/2014 Hornlee Title Deeds handover
23/06/2014 President Zuma acknowledge Knysna
12/06/2014 Council congratulates new Knysna Tourism CEO
09/06/2014 Municipality set to begin R4.2 million upgrade of the CBD sewer reticulation
09/06/2014 Council declares the end of out-building toilets in Hornlee
06/06/2014 Budget for 2014-2015 Approved
06/06/2014 Ward Project Programme to continue
05/06/2014 Knysna Hope Spot
04/06/2014 New Sport Council for Knysna

May 2014
29/05/2014 Four housing awards for Knysna Municipality
26/05/2014 Removal of Oak Trees
26/05/2014 Council establish anti-fraud & corruption hotline
23/05/2014 ISDF High School Competition

April 2014
28/04/2014 Knysna Municipal Councillor Dies
22/04/2014 Knysna Town Library Re-opens
07/04/2014 Closure of the Red Bridge

March 2014
27/03/2014 Draft 2014/2015 Budget Tabled
26/03/2014 Supporting Earth Hour
25/03/2014 Celebrating Human Rights Day
19/03/2014 George Rex Drive resealed
13/03/2014 Library will be closed due to move
12/03/2014 E-waste open day
12/03/2014 Municipal Manager back at work
06/03/2014 National Water Week
06/03/2014 National Library Week
06/03/2014 Eskom load shedding

February 2014
26/02/2014 Records Clerk Celebrates 30 Years
19/02/2014 Ou Pad Housing Handover

January 2014
14/01/2014 New school year begins
14/01/2014 Red Tide no longer a threat
13/01/2014 Students receive bursaries from Mayoral Fund
13/01/2014 KM gives R633 000 to 41 charities
10/01/2014 KM celebrates successful festive season
10/01/2014 KM service excellence awards
10/01/2014 KM issues demolition order_dwelling corner of Hedge and Rawson Streets
07/01/2014 Authorities caution against fishing for mussels-Knysna estuary
07/01/2014 KM congratulates the matric class of 2013


December 2013
22/12/2013 Municipal Manager involved in tragic accident
20/12/2013 Knysna bids farewell to long-serving Fire Chief Dries Pretorius
20/12/2013 Three Girls Drown at Leisure Isle
16/12/2013 Madiba tribute draws to a close
10/12/2013 New traffic vehicles
06/12/2013 Motion of Condolence Mandela
06/12/2013 Knysna Municipality says goodbye to Mandela
04/12/2013 Holiday Safety
03/12/2013 Knysna gets clean audit

November 2013
29/11/2013 Outdoor Advertising Bylaw approved
05/11/2013 Mayor dedicates Blue Flags to Kiani Satu ‘heroes’

October 2013
29/10/2013 Road section closed due to unsafe building practices
29/10/2013 Municipality launches Guy Fawkes campaign
29/10/2013 Knysna status quo according to ISDF prelim findings
22/10/2013 Coney Glen walkways temporarily closed
09/10/2013 Knysna again secures two Blue Flag Beaches
07/10/2013 Kiani Satu Debriefing hosted by Knysna Municipality
04/10/2013 Upgraded Waste Water Treatment Works officially opened
02/10/2013 Precautionary Suspensions and Vehicle Testing Station

September 2013
10/09/2013 ISDF Community Interaction process launched
05/09/2013 International and national accolades for KM Director

August 2013
30/08/2013 Preliminary Financial Statements 2012/13
28/08/2013 New weir addresses Sedgefield water issues
21/08/2013 Goukamma JOC FINAL 21 August 2013
19/08/2013 Goukamma JOC Update 19 August 2013
17/08/2013 Goukamma JOC Update 17 August
16/08/2013 Goukamma JOC Update 16 August 2013
15/08/2013 Goukamma JOC Update
14/08/2013 Status JOC Goukamma Nature Reserve
12/08/2013 KM Cargo ship at Goukamma Response
08/09/2013 Municipal services affected by bad weather
05/08/2013 KM reinstates managing of informal parking attendants

July 2013
18/07/2013 Municipality celebrates Mandela Day
11/07/2013 Power outage and N2 Protest
03/07/2013 Buffalo Bay water back on later today
02/07/2013 Buffalo Bay water alert remains despite overnight rain
01/07/2013 Buffalo Bay water alert
01/07/2013 Director Community Services appointed

June 2013
24/06/2013 Municipality supports Thabo September U-16 Tournament
13/06/2013 Sedgefield gets its first proper taxi rank
13/06/2013 KM gives recycle drums to schools
04/06/2013 Two injured and 14 left homeless in shack fire
03/06/2014 New Director Technical Services

May 2013
31/05/2013 KM supports development sailors
30/05/2013 State of Town Address
28/05/2013 Watch out for open manholes
28/05/2013 It’s Baboon Season

April 2013
29/04/2013 Mayor calls for residents to do their part on Freedom Day
22/04/2013 Stormwater and Sewerage Audit begins

March 2013
25/03/2013 KM launches new customer care SMS service
18/03/2013 KM gives R630 000 to 40 charities
18/03/2013 Traffic Officer Smiley becomes a TV star
12/03/2013 Knysna Main Library moves as upgrades begin
05/03/2013 New Director Corporate Services Bevan Ellman

February 2013
19/02/2013 SMME Incubator Project helps establish 24 local entrepreneurs
25/02/2013 New paved road in Dam-se-Bos
21/02/2013 Municipality steps up enforcement of water restrictions
19/02/2013 Vehicle testing station closed
14/02/2013 Call to conserve water
12/02/2013 Changes in Knysna Council
11/02/2013 Implementation of Lagoon Plan going well
04/02/2013 Blue Flag season comes to an end

January 2013
30/01/2013 New Director Planning and Development Mike Maughan-Brown
21/01/2013 New By-law Liquor Trading Days and Hours

December 2012
18/12/2012 KM approves debt recovery programme

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