Press Releases

July 2019
15/07/2019 Municipality and partners changing lives on Mandela Day
10/07/2019 Parks department transforming municipal gardens
08/07/2019 Data cleaning project to commence in Ward 9

June 2019
18/06/2019 Knysna welcomes all to the Knysna Oyster Festival
14/06/2019 Blocking of N2 will not be tolerated
11/06/2019 Ward 6 & 11 Councillors reaching out to the Youth of Hornlee
11/06/2019 Counting down to the Knysna Oyster Festival
10/06/2019 Data cleaning project reaching Ward 10
07/06/2019 Knysna Remembers June 2017 fires
04/06/2019 Municipality in full support of Knysna Oyster Festival
03/06/2019 Knysna’s 2019-20 Budget Approved

May 2019 
27/05/2019 Hornlee Clinic open day focus on services
14/05/2019 Sedgefield cemetery to be open soon
14/05/2019 Household composting pilot project rolled out in Sedgefield
07/05/2019 Water Management Devices place the power in the hands of the consumer
07/05/2019 Building communities through handover of title deeds

April 2019
29/04/2019 Relief for those with bad debt
29/04/2019 CBD water network upgraded
29/04/2019 Call on communities to participate in the Budget process
25/04/2019 Municipal Manager to reconnect with Sedgefield
16/04/2019 Electricity meters project in full swing
02/04/2019 Happy Kids Day-Care receive children’s equipment
01/04/2019 Draft 2019-20 Budget now open for public comment

March 2019 
29/03/2019 Dispelling misinformation around prepaid water meters
25/03/2019 Water sample results in the Knysna estuary show improvement
19/03/2019 Khayalethu Library takes reading to the streets
18/03/2019 Annual Grant-In-Aid handover
11/03/2019 Concordia Play Park officially opened
07/03/2019 Contamination at Waste Water Treatment Works cause for concern

February 2019
26/02/2019 Balance restored in Knysna Wastewater Treatment Works
26/02/2019 Energy saving street lights to be installed in Greater Knysna
26/02/2019 Water management devices to be installed in Greater Knysna
21/02/2019 Municipality welcomes two managers
20/02/2019 Defensive driver training for Knysna drivers
12/02/2019 Minister finds no fault with KM Planning Tribunal

January 2019
29/01/2019 CBD water network to be upgraded
24/01/2019 Community clean-up for Concordia
22/01/2019 Brand new office facilities for Knysna Taxi Rank
22/01/2019 Municipality announces data cleansing project
21/01/2019 Plans to dispose of Brenton Whale carcass underway
10/01/2019 Statement by Executive Mayor: 2019 – The year of Opportunity.
07/01/2019 Changes to Mayoral Committee announced
04/01/2019 Mayor’s message to the Matric Class of 2018

December 2018
14/12/2018 Mayor’s welcomes visitors
10/12/2018 Mayor hands over title deeds to Karatara families
05/12/2018 Creating business opportunities & celebrating creativity with Knysna’s annual Pop-Up Shop

November 2018
27/11/2018 16 Days of Activism campaign for Greater Knysna
21/11/2018 Industry exposure for Greater Knysna Artists
19/11/2018 Municipality is ready for the summer season
15/11/2018 Knysna music festival cancelled
05/11/2018 Municipal Manager slams detractors

October 2018 
30/10/2018 Karatara, Farleigh and Rheenendal fires contained
30/10/2018 Fires throw Garden Route into mourning
23/10/2018 Municipality and Wesgro formalise Service Level Agreement
15/10/2018 Blue Flag proudly flying high
08/10/2018 The Heads water network upgraded
02/10/2018 Accolade for excellent performance for EPWP

September 2018
18/09/2018 Library Outreach Programme celebrates with grand Prize Giving Ceremony
18/09/2018 Municipality adapts sewerage and water tariffs to cover service delivery costs
10/09/2018 Municipality receives another housing accolade
10/09/2018 Municipality appoints three new Directors
06/09/2018 National Industrial action delays issuing of driving licence cards
04/09/2018 Traffic Department Road Safety Scholar Programme
03/09/2018 Construction of brand new Library for Khayalethu underway

August 2018
29/08/2018 Municipal departments team up for success with KnysnaBeat
28/08/2018 It’s business as usual at the Knysna Visitor Information Centre!
27/08/2018 Knysna youth successfully complete Agricultural Learnership
23/08/2018 Media advisory: 400 leaners to receive brand new school shoes
21/08/2018 Mayor welcomes new Councillor Ian Yys
16/08/2018 Knysna water safe to use
15/08/2018 Four suspects arrested for Murder in connection of death of Knysna Ward Councillor
14/08/2018 Council gives the go-ahead for SLA with WESGRO
14/08/2018 R19.5 million upgrade of the Sedgefield Waste Water Treatment Works
14/08/2018 Municipality honours Greater Knysna women on Women’s Day
14/08/2018 Brand new fire engine for Knysna Fire Services

July 2018
31/07/2018 Municipality forging new partnership in pursuit of more Tourism opportunities
24/07/2018 Knysna mourns Mzukisi Victor Molosi (ANC)
23/07/2018 Knysna honours Madiba
18/07/2018 Post office strike may delay your bill
17/07/2018 Local Drug Action Committee Reaches out
10/07/2018 Youth Advisor to represent Knysna at YALI
02/07/2018 Knysna CBD Renewal Programme – Grey Street Project Update

June 2018
26/06/2018 Mayor calls on communities not to invade, but rather to engage with the Municipality on housing
12/06/2018 2018/19 Budget focus on creating an enabling environment for investment, growth and development
13/06/2018 Mayor unveils Sculpture in commemoration of June 2017 Fires
04/06/2018 Knysna Fires Commemoration

May 2018
31/05/2018 Municipality starts their Bio-Wise journey
30/05/2018 Tabling of 2018/2019 Budget postponed
28/05/2018 Municipality addresses housing issue
23/05/2018 Easy access to your municipal account
22/05/2018 Supplementary Valuation Roll is open for public inspection
21/05/2018 Rheenendal Protest Action
18/05/2018 Infrastructure Asset Verification and Condition Assessment
14/05/2018 Charlesford water pipeline connected
04/05/2018 Mayor officially opens Knysna’s first open air gym

April 2018
30/04/2018 Municipal Organisational Structure Reviewed
24/04/2018 Nedbank SMME Incubator successfully growing small business
23/04/2018 Stormwater Management Policy in the making
11/04/2018 Knysna Municipality’s draft budget tabled
06/03/2018 Regional Indigenous Games comes to Knysna

March 2018
27/03/2018 Water Week changes minds
26/03/2018 Youth Desk hosts Career and Opportunities Road Shows
19/03/2018 Greater Knysna celebrates South African Library Week
13/03/2018 How to manage invasive plants post fire
09/03/2018 Knysna CCTV Project launches 11 more cameras in Knysna CBD
06/03/2018 Knysna Municipality takes swift action to address audit issues
06/03/2018 Encouraging eligible young voters to register to vote

February 2018
27/02/2018 Applications for Indigent rebates now open
27/02/2018 Enough water for Greater Knysna tourists
16/02/2018 Knysna Invest Engagement
12/02/2018 First phase of Knysna Municipality CBD renewal programme to be launched
06/02/2018 Business man, Fred Alger pays it forward
06/02/2018 New Youth Council to be established

January 2018
30/01/2018 Mayor hands over key of the town to Miss Universe
19/01/2018 Breaks in the Water Reticulation System
16/01/2018 A successful holiday season for Knysna

December 2017
14/12/2018 PnP Oyster Festival and Knysna Municipality shares excitement on emerging events Incubator Program
12/12/2017 Avoid service cuts by paying your municipal account
12/12/2017 Investment in Knysna top priority
12/12/2017 Garden Route Rebuild Initiative finalises strategy, seeks public input on project implementation
07/12/2017 Eden District Municipality name to change to Garden Route District Municipality
05/12/2017 Greater Knysna geared for season
04/12/2017 Blue Flag season officially launched

November 2017
28/11/2017 Temporary housing for Fire Victims
28/11/2017 Festive season traffic operational plan
28/11/2017 Greater Knysna plans for season
21/11/2017 News from Council
20/11/2017 Brenton-on-Lake Mudslides following heavy rains
14/11/2017 Knysna has done it again

October 2017
31/10/2017 No reason to celebrate Guy Fawkes
30/10/2017 Exciting agricultural learnership programme
25/10/2017 Business as usual
23/10/2017 Message to class of 2017
18/10/2017 Blue Flags for Greater Knysna

September 2017
12/09/2017 Mayor’s focus on Economic Development
12/09/2017 Update on fire relief goods
05/09/2017 Municipal Fire Report based on evidence
04/09/2017 Third Spelling Bee the biggest yet

August 2017
30/08/2017 Another Housing accolade for Knysna Municipality
30/08/2017 Property rates holiday for fire victims
22/08/2017 Municipality to host third annual Spelling Competition
14/08/2017 Knysna Fire report presentation
14/08/2017 Act of God ruled out in #KnysnaFires
11/08/2017 Media Advisory: Knysna Municipality to release fire report
07/08/2017 Garden Route Rebuild continues with positive momentum
07/08/2017 Women’s day comes alive in the heart of knynsa

July 2017
26/07/2017 Knysna Municipality in Rebuild phase
24/07/2017 Knysna Municipality Youth Desk hosts Cooking Competition
21/07/2017 Garden Route Rebuild initiative making headway
20/07/2017 Emergency Assistance to help fire victims in Knysna
12/07/2017 Knysna Municipality renews contract with Knysna & Partners
10/07/2017 New municipal manager takes office
06/07/2017 Premier Zille Announces Garden Route Rebuild Initiative

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