Press Releases

07/02/2017 Youth talent auditions for Greater Knysna
07/02/2017 Knysna Municipality appoints Director Planning and Development
03/02/2017 ACDP joins DA in Knysna Coalition

31/01/2017 How to apply for a government subsidised home
31/01/2017 The three spheres responsible for housing
30/01/2017 First Knysna youth council meeting
23/01/2017 Ben van Jaarsveldt a cut above
10/01/2017 Blue flags to fly high again by mid-January
9/01/2017 Pipe breaks and turbid water
5/01/2017 Fireworks are illegal
4/01/2017 Pay it forward this year
03/01/2017 Despite rain Greater Knysna remains on water restrictions



29/11/2016 Dont dump in storm drains
29/11/2016 Knysna municipality launches a Lifesaver Club
29/11/2017 Water is a precious commodity treat it with respect
28/11/2016 Exciting school holiday programme
21/11/2016 Help clean up Knysnas illegal dumping
21/11/2016 New national road traffic regulations amendments
21/11/2016 World AIDS Day campaign for Greater Knysna
15/11/2016 Installation of new water management devices in Greater Knysna
15/11/2016 Knysna municipality addressing baboon issue
15/11/2016 Learners show off their creative talent through writing
15/11/2016 KnysnaOn switches on first wifi hotspot
8/11/2016 Municipality staff brings smile to 250 children
8/11/2016 16 days of activism campaign for Greater Knysna
8/11/2016 Guy fawkes monitored by joc
4/11/2016 E-Waste and used oil open day
1/11/2016 Guy Fawkes a British thing
1/11/2016 Holiday season work opportunity
1/11/2016 Water is precious treat it with respect

31/10/2016 Greater Knysna roads to be fixed
31/10/2016 Judges deliberate on stories for the illustrations essay competition
31/10/2016 Dam-se-Bos elderly receive brand new homes
25/10/2016 Popular recreation spots on estuary remain safe
25/10/2015 Knysna best at air quality management in Western Cape
25/10/2016 E-Centre for Knysna
17/10/2016 Hard work and dedication restores waterflow
13/10/2016 Walking bus initiative to be launched in knysna
11/10/2016 Chippa United FC vs Cape Town All Stars FC ends in a draw
11/10/2016 Greater Knysna recieves two blue flags
10/10/2016 Ashmead channel water safe again
05/10/2016 Beverly Hills homes officially handed over
04/10/2016 Changes in the IDP public meeting dates
04/10/2016 Illustrations essays competition
04/10/2016 Chippa United FC vs Cape Town All Stars FC in Knysna
03/10/2016 Buying and selling unlicensed cars is illegal

 September 2016
28/09/2019 Heritage Celebrated through Talent
27/09/2016 Housing accolade for Knysna municipality
26/09/2016 Education through golf
24/09/2016 Mayor devastated at deaths
22/09/2016 Die Gaatjie officially switches on
20/09/2016 Celebrating our heritage
20/09/2016 Housing project nomination for Knysna
20/09/2016 Establishment of Ward Committees in Knysna
20/09/2016 New Council, new IDP
19/09/2016 Speed cameras correctly calibrated
16/09/2016 Work to start on the refuse transfer station
14/09/2016 Induction for New Council
13/09/2016 Safer Road for our learners
09/09/2016 Lapland steps out of the dark
09/09/2016 Work starts on Sedgefield Desalination Plant
09/09/2016 Mayor responds to Hampton
06/09/2016 Knysna Mayor joins in Arbor Week celebrations
06/09/2016 Mayor of the people

August 2016
30/08/2016 Municipal Manager suspended pending disciplary proceedings
23/08/2016 Hornlee Primary wins Water Wise Competition
16/08/2016 Cleaning rivers with our communities
15/08/2016 DA Governs Knysna
05/08/2016 Composition of new Knysna Town Council

July 2016
19/07/2016 Honouring the legacy of Madiba
12/07/2016 Update on Islamic Centre
05/07/2016 New guidelines for garden and building refuse disposal

June 2016
28/06/2016 Use water sparingly during the Oyster Festival
08/06/2016 New Planning system now in effect
02/06/2016 Acting Director Planning and Development appointed

May 2016
31/05/2016 Knysna budget focus on infrastructure
31/05/2016 Marginal improvement in Knysna’s water consumption
31/05/2016 Speaker Launches the Rheenendal Poverty Alleviation Project
17/05/2016 Community Work Programme Implemented
11/05/2016 Celebrating Nurses Day
04/05/2016 Centenary celebration of The Concrete Bridge

April 2016
26/04/2016 Youth Council “will be champions of change – champions of hope”
26/04/2016 Enhancing the freedom of others
08/04/2016 ‘Knysna leads from the front’ with KnysnaON high-speed broadband
08/04/2016 Western Province Blood Transfusion Service visits Knysna Municipality
05/04/2016 Long-term water conservation the only solution
04/04/2016 Knysna Director Planning & Development Resigns

March 2016
31/03/2016 Draft 2016/2017 Budget tabled for public input
18/03/2016 Municipality Cooperates with Parliamentary Committee
18/03/2016 Knysna Municipality participates in National Water Awareness Week
15/03/2016 Date for Youth Council Establishment Set
15/03/2015 Celebrating Human Rights Day
15/03/2016 Knysna celebrates South African Library Week
15/03/2016 Plans in place to address water crisis
15/03/2016 Karatara residents receive home ownership
08/03/2016 Working together to ensure water security

February 2016
24/02/2016 Knysna Municipality in partnership with National Departments for development purpose
19/02/2016 National land to be opened up for development
17/02/2016 Municipality responds to questions around Parliamentary enquiry
16/02/2016 Water Conservation Update
01/02/2016 Naming Committee to consider first applications for renaming streets

January 2016
27/01/2016 Reduce Consumption to Avoid Water Shedding
26/01/2016 Main Street Market (and its traders) to get an upgrade
19/01/2016 Knysna Municipality Builds Reservoir
12/01/2016 Starting the New School Year

December 2015
17/12/2015 Festive Season Ushered in by Switching on of the Knysna Festive Lights Event
15/12/2015 Mayor hands out over half a million rand in Grant in Aid
15/12/2015 Presence of red tide (Issued by SANParks)
11/12/2015 Executive Mayor responds to ISDF tender queries
11/12/2015 Successful First Youth Summit for Knysna
01/12/2015 Third Consecutive clean audit for the Municipality

November 2015
19/11/2015 Horlee Taxi Rank Opened
18/11/2015 Successful Workshop for Persons with Disabilities
16/11/2015 Sister Sister Project Launch
03/11/2015 Zero tolerance on Guy Fawkes Day
02/11/2015 Slippery slope ought not to affect seasonal traffic
02/11/2015 Knysna Municipality welcomes new Director of Financial Services

October 2015
30/10/2015 Executive Mayor announces Mayoral Committee reshuffle
27/10/2015 Municipality acquires brand new Jaws of Life
20/10/2015 R2.3 million Storm Water upgrades for Hornlee
16/10/2015 Another successful Golf Day in aid of Mayor’s fund 
06/10/2015 Western Cape to assist motorists during eNaTIS transition period

September 2015
30/09/2015 Concordia High School Receives a Security Caravan
22/09/2015 Rheenendal and Karatara take part in Comprehensive Rural Development Programme
18/09/2015 Rheenendal hosts successful workshop for persons with disabilities
18/09/2015 Official opening of the Smutsville Multi-Purpose Centre
08/09/2015 Municipality acquires brand new refuse truck
08/09/2015 Flood Damage Clean-Up
07/09/2015 Local schools celebrate Arbor Week

August 2015
31/08/2015 Council News Snippets
18/08/2015 A Path of Healing to celebrate memories
18/08/2015 Career Expo for Youngsters
18/08/2015 Local contractor paying it forward
11/08/2015 Mayor salutes female talent
07/08/2015 Karatara boasts new fire engine and station
04/08/2015 Talented local women lauded by Mayor
03/08/2015 Knysna connects local business with the world

July 2015
27/07/2015 Knysna welcomes new DA Councillors
21/07/2015 Celebrating Madiba Day 2015
17/07/2015 Beautifying Rheenendal on Madiba Day
14/07/2015 Donate blood and save lives with Knysna Municipality on Madiba Day
14/07/2015 Upgrades planned the Sedgefield Waste Water Treatment Works
07/07/2015 Major International TV awards judging hits Knysna
06/07/2015 Exciting holiday programme for school kids
01/07/2015 Smutsville Multi Purpose Centre nearing completion

June 2015
30/06/2015 Hornlee Sport Ground officially opened
24/06/2015 Mayor hosts Showcase for Inspired Women
22/06/2015 Mayoral Blanket Drive
17/06/2015 Rheenendal Youth Centre hosts a successful market day
15/06/2015 Knysna Municipality discusses way forward for Grey Street
09/06/2015 Volunteers Create Awareness on World Ocean’s Day
08/06/2015 Hornlee sports grounds upgraded
03/06/2015 Grey Street Upgrade of the CBD sewer reticulation
02/06/2015 Tourism Marketing Services
02/06 2015 Registration of all Suppliers on Western Cape Supplier Database
02/06/2015 Celebrate your courage on Youth Day, urges Knysna Mayor
02/06/2015 Elderly residents overjoyed by receipt of new homes
02/06/2015 Sedgefield Library re-opening delayed
01/06/2015 Mayor tables 2015/2016 Budget

May 2015
28/05/2015 Lemonade Day Project
27/05/2015 Mayor supports Sea Cadets
12/05/2015 Municipality reopens the Red Bridge
08/05/2015 Have your children’s births been registered
07/05/2015 Mayor reshuffles her Mayoral Committee

April 2015
14/04/2015 We’re listening
10/04/2015 Stray livestock a danger to motorists and residents

March 2015
30/03/2015 Knysna to host Mr Gay World Grand Finale
30/03/2015 Successful Ward Committee Summit for Knysna
29/03/2015 Red Bib Parking attendants (Issued by Knysna CPF)
26/03/2015 Grant Easton appointed new Municipal Manager for Knysna
24/03/2015 Setting the record straight – Response to Knysna Plett Herald
23/03/2015 Understanding our Mandate – The role of Municipalities in the delivery of housing
23/03/2015 Municipality highlights the importance of water during National Water Week
20/03/2015 Municipality gives R576 000 to 48 local charities
17/03/2015 Mayor reflects on the significance of Human Rights Day
17/03/2015 Council News Snippets
10/03/2015 Municipality involves the youth with National Water Week celebrations
10/03/2015 Knysna joins South African Library Week celebrations
10/03/2015 Understanding our Mandate – The role of Municipalities in Economic Development
09/03/2015 ISDF Youth Competition semi-finalists announced

February 2015
24/02/2015 Council News Snippets
23/02/2015 Municipality encourages water conservation
20/02/2015 Municipality to take strong action against those hampering service delivery
17/02/2015 Knysna Tourism Chairperson resigns (Issued by Knysna Tourism)
17/02/2015 Gender based violence and HIV-AIDS training programmes
16/02/2015 Council to consider the Draft Integrated Strategic Development Framework
10/02/2015 New Naming Committee for Knysna

January 2015
23/01/2015 Red Tape Reduction Workshop
21/01/2015 Knysna Municipality welcomes new Fire Chief
20/01/2015 Self-service kiosks set to simplify interactions with municipality
16/01/2015 Mayoral Fund gives 60 students R165 000 in bursaries
16/01/2015 Knysna Municipality has no control over load shedding  
13/01/2015 Sea lettuce in Knysna Estuary not toilet paper (Issued by SANParks)

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    Events on March 2, 2017
    Mayoral Committee Meeting
    8:00 am - 10:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Mayoral Committee Meeting
    Events on March 23, 2017
    Council Meeting
    9:00 am - 10:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Council Meeting
    Events on April 4, 2017
    Finance, Governance & Economic Development Meeting
    9:00 am - 11:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Finance, Governance & Economic Development Meeting
    Events on April 5, 2017
    Planning & Integrated Human Settlements Meeting
    9:00 am - 11:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Planning & Integrated Human Settlements Meeting
    Events on April 11, 2017
    Community Services Meeting
    9:00 am - 11:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Community Services Meeting
    Events on April 12, 2017
    Technical Services Meeting
    9:00 am - 11:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Technical Services Meeting
    Events on April 27, 2017
    Mayoral Committee Meeting
    8:00 am - 9:00 am
    Location: Knysna Municipality, Clyde St, Knysna, 6570, South Africa Description: Mayoral Committee Meeting