Nature-inspired Knysna

December 2012


The Knysna municipal area is not only physically surrounded by nature, its municipality has also made several efforts to reduce the impact on, and positively contribute to, the environment in which it operates.

Many of its efforts are in cooperation with BioWise, a biomimicry-based non-profit organisation that manages, facilitates and coordinates a wide range of enviro-socio-economic projects all of which are inspired by nature’s models, processes and systems.

Several projects are part of the Naturally Knysna or Knysna Cares…Naturally initiatives, including the recent establishment of a depot for the collection of used motor oil and the Go Local campaign.

The municipality has facilitated a depot for the collection of used car oil. Located at the municipal Waste Transfer Centre at the bottom of Queen Street, the depot is situated inside a brightly-coloured yellow and green container. Used motor oil and filters may be emptied into the provided drums. The used oil is collected by the ROSE Foundation, a non-profit organisation that facilitates responsible recycling of oil. The depot is open on weekdays from 8am to 4pm.

Naturally Knysna also received an “Innovative Project” award at the Greenest Municipality Competition Awards in November for a mushroom project proposal that provides a nature-inspired solution for treating waste as a resource, and received a 110% Green flag from Western Cape Premier Helen Zille earlier this month for its commitment to specific environmental and economic projects.

Go Local is a programme in which business and consumers are encouraged to support local products and service providers. The Knysna Municipality, which has recently committed to expanding its local suppliers from 34% to at least 50% over the next two years, is a registered Go Local supporter.

Businesses can register in the Go Local Campaign by emailing or A registration fee of R20 includes Go Local branding, which can be displayed on store windows to promote the campaign. More information is available from Sue Swain at 044 382 0078 or Petrus van Niekerk at 044 302 1646 or